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We are a music society based at the University of Nottingham, working with the local community to raise funds for charity and performance opportunities for students.

Great music

We make some pretty great music. In fact, our Wind Orchestra won a Platinum Award at the NCBF final 2019.

Unauditioned ensembles

We are super keen on people getting involved in making some music. Whether you're interested in instrument-specific ensembles such as Clarinets or Saxophones, or perhaps our largest ensemble — Concert Band!


As well as making some great music, we are all keen to make new friends and socialise. We put on many socials throughout the year (both drinking and non-drinking), so keep an eye out if you want to join in!

Welcome from Freya, President 22/23

Hello and welcome to Blowsoc, the University of Nottingham’s wind, brass and percussion society! I’m Freya, this year’s president.

With the addition of our brand new trombone ensemble, we now have 10 ensembles open to all different standards so whether you’ve just picked up a flute for the first time, got diplomas in four different instruments or or anything in between, we’ve definitely got something for you. Each ensemble has elected student conductors and managers, forming our artistic committee as well as our executive committee, who keep things running around the society.

There are many opportunities to perform within Blowsoc, from our series of weekly lunchtime concerts hosted alongside Mussoc, to our annual Christmas extravaganza, bringing all the ensembles together. We also have termly concerts for our two auditioned ensembles, Wind Orchestra and Moonlighters, along with the national and local competitions that our Wind Orchestra and Brass Band attend. Our Brass Band also frequently busks within the community and we work with local schools and community centres to arrange termly outreach opportunities for each small ensemble.

As well as all of the musical opportunities, Blowsoc has a very active social calendar with a great mix of club nights, balls, bar crawls, games evenings, as well as more chilled well-being socials, including visits to Pot ‘n’ Kettle and coffee shop meet ups! We also have annual alumni events.

Check out the rest of our website for more details on our ensembles and social calendar, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions about joining the society!

👪 Meet the Committee

These are the executive committee members that do the day-by-day running of the society.

Freya Sage


Hey, I’m Freya (she/her) and I’ll be your president this year! I’m a fourth year maths student and I play flute, sax, piano and very questionably clarinet! I’ve been part of exec for the last two years and I’m really excited to take it up a notch and, along with an incredible committee, lead the best society at UoN!

Holly Davis


Hi, I'm Holly (She/Her) this year's Vice-President and one of the Clarinet Conductors. I'm a third year History student but I play tenor saxophone and clarinet more than I do the actual degree! I'm really excited to give conducting a go this year and organise the Christmas Extravaganza concert at the end of term which is always a highlight!! :))

Harriet Lowe

General Secretary

My name’s Harriet (any pronouns) and I’m your Gen Sec this year! I’m a master’s student studying music, having completed my undergrad here too (apparently I can’t leave) I play the flute and piccolo and I can’t wait to collate everyone’s beautiful quotes to share in the weekly email 😁

Orlagh Ward

Social Secretary

Hello, my name is Orlagh and I am the social secretary this year for Blowsoc. I am a second year aerospace engineering student and play the saxophone. I can’t wait to be a part of committee by helping everyone get involved in different socials and help everyone make new friends along the way.

Paul Emmett

Tour Manager

I’m Paul (He/Him) and I am the Tour Manager this year. I am also one of the Trombones Conductors, Brass Band Conductors, Concert Band Conductors, and one of the Assistant Wind Orchestra Conductors. I am a second year Music student, focusing on composition and conducting as well as playing the trombone. I am really excited to be on the Executive and Artistic committees this year and can’t wait for tour later on in the year!

Rebecca Aldred


Hi, I'm Rebecca (She/Her) and I am this years Treasurer and one of the Flute Conductor's. I'm a second year maths student, I play the flute and I'm currently teaching myself the clarinet! I am so excited to be on committee this year, make some great music and hopefully be able to raise loads of money for charity!

Rosie Clark

Ensembles Coordinator

Heya! My name is Rosie (She/Her) and I am the Ensembles Coordinator this year. I am a second year Music student and I play Percussion and Clarinet. Something I am most looking forward to this year is giving everyone opportunities to share music and to play with you all again!

Emily Shell

Wellbeing Coordinator

Hi, I'm Em (she/her) and I am this year's Wellbeing Coordinator and one of the Brass Conductors. I am a second year Music and Philosophy student and my main instrument is trombone. I also love playing piano and guitar, as well as learning other instruments which give me the opportunity to play in the variety of amazing ensembles we have! I can't wait to get the Blowsoc family back together again and am so excited to meet all of our new members :)

Maryann Cooke

Publicity and Marketing Officer

Hi, I'm Maryann (She/Her) and I am this year’s Publicity and Marketing Officer and one of the Saxophone’s Conductors. I'm a second year Politics and International Relations student and I play flute, clarinet and love all things saxophone. I can't wait to be a part of executive committee this year to keep the society running and spread some Blowsoc love through our social media !

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