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We are a music society based at the University of Nottingham, working with the local community to raise funds for charity and performance opportunities for students.

Great music

We make some pretty great music. In fact, our Wind Orchestra won a Platinum Award at the NCBF final 2019.

Unauditioned ensembles

We are super keen on people getting involved in making some music. Whether you're interested in instrument-specific ensembles such as Clarinets or Saxophones, or perhaps our largest ensemble β€” Concert Band!


As well as making some great music, we are all keen to make new friends and socialise. We put on many socials throughout the year, so keep an eye out if you want to join in!

πŸŽ‰ Welcome from Ollie

Hello and welcome to Blowsoc! I’m Ollie and I’m really excited to be the Blowsoc President for this year! As a society, we offer playing and conducting opportunities for all woodwind, brass and percussion players. We have nine different ensembles, all of which are unauditioned except for our Wind Orchestra and Moonlighters Big Band, so there’s really something for everybody no matter what level you’re at and what style of music you’re into!

There’s also an active social side to the society, with both whole society and ensemble events running throughout the year including a European tour in Easter, this year to Cologne! Of course this year, our socials may be slightly different but we will do everything we can to make sure all of our members feel welcome!

You don’t have to be a Music student to come and join us – I’m actually the only undergraduate music student on our executive committee!!

Check out the rest of our website for more details on our ensembles and social calendar, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions about joining the society!


πŸ‘ͺ Meet the Committee

These are the executive committee members that do the day-by-day running of the society.
Ollie Cowling

Ollie Cowling


Hi, I'm Ollie and I'll be the President, one of the Concert Band Conductors and one of the Wind Orchestra Assistant Conductors this year! I'm a third year music student and I play the trumpet and piano. My main role this year will be talking to the SU and other music societies making sure that we are running as smoothly and safely alongside each other as possible. I'm also looking forward to conducting Concert Band for the second year and trying to find some great music for us to play!

Kyle Campbell

Kyle Campbell


Hello! I'm Kyle, the Vice-President of Blowsoc this year and I am a 4th year Postgraduate Music Student. I am a principal study clarinettist but also play the Sax. I have been part of Blowsoc for the past 3 years and have taken part in many of the ensembles throughout my time at university. I am really looking forward to welcoming new members to the society and organising some of our larger concerts and Trips!

Jasmine Newton-Rae

Jasmine Newton-Rae

General Secretary

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I’m the Gen Sec of Blowsoc this year!! I’m a third year Classics student and play the Flute and (occasionally) the Piccolo. I’m really looking forwards to doing the weekly emails and spending another year as a member of Blowsoc!!

Freya Sage

Freya Sage

Social Secretary

Hey, I’m Freya - I’m the social sec and one of the flutes conductors for this year! I’m a second year maths student and I play flute and saxophone. I can’t wait to organise lots of socially-distanced-socials (and hopefully some normal ones!) this year as well as conducting some good flute pieces!!

Harry Jackson

Harry Jackson

Tour Manager

Hi everyone. I'm Harry and I am the Tour Manager for Blowsoc for this year. I'm a third year Chemistry student and play the violin, percussion and I sing in my spare time. I'm really thrilled to be able to run the tour this year, especially as we'll be going to Cologne, Germany. Looking forward to saying hi to everyone once we are all back at uni.

Gemma Seed

Gemma Seed


Hiya, I’m Gemma and I’m the Blowsoc Treasurer for this year! I’m in my second year of Economics and play the Trumpet. I’m looking forward to working with the committee to see how we can safely rehearse and perform this year! (And hopefully remembering how to hold my trumpet right?πŸ₯΄)

Joe Gibson

Joe Gibson

Publicity and Marketing Officer

Hi, i'm Joe and i'll be the Publicity and Marketing Officer for Blowsoc this year. I'm a second year Physics student and I play the Bassoon, Clarinet, Piano and Sax. I'm really looking forward to helping run Blowsoc this year, I am especially excited for coming up with new ways for members to get involved with the society and, maybe even more importantly, Society Merch!!!

Rose Shepherd

Rose Shepherd

Ensembles Coordinator

Hi, I'm Rose and I'm the Ensembles Coordinator for Blowsoc this year. I'm a third year physics student and I play bassoon, clarinet and sax. I'm looking forward to arranging outreach opportunities for the society and finding new ways of engaging until we can meet as usual.

Rebekah Dussek

Rebekah Dussek

Wellbeing Coordinator

Hello, I’m Rebekah and this year I am the Well-being Coordinator! I primarily play the flute but since lockdown have also taken up the clarinet! I’m a third year History student and this will be my third year in Blowsoc as well. I’m really excited to be Blowsoc’s first official well-being coordinator and hope to be able to offer plenty of support and advice to all members. Keep an eye out for specific wellbeing-related socials as well!

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🎡 Becca Craven

🀝 Here’s another post of Blowsoc Introducing!⁠ ⁠ 🎡 This is Becca Craven, your Concert Band Manager this year.⁠ ⁠ 1οΈβƒ£πŸŽ“ What do you study, and what do you play?⁠ 3rd year Music student, play Read more…

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