Hi, I’m Richard, a second year maths student, and last year and this year, I am one of the Conductors for the Clarinet Ensemble.

I first got involved during one of the earlier rehearsals; I had come to Nottingham knowing I wanted to stay involved with music and trying new things so during the Freshers fair, I joined the clarinet Ensemble and the Concert Band. During the clarinets rehearsal I heard there was an opening for conductor and I thought “why not” and volunteered to audition. I then had my audition the week after (rehearse and perform a short piece of music, it takes no more than 10 minutes), got the role and the rest is history.

Over the last year it has been amazing to work with some fantastic musicians and making music with them. As part of the clarinet ensemble, it has been good fun when people used other instruments in some of the pieces we’ve performed, and learning how to lead them while trying to keep everything together.

My favourite parts of being in Clarinets last year were the socials (even if we did lose at Laser Quest to the Double Reeds) and being able to have a relaxed rehearsal and making music with amazing people.

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