Hello, I am Matthew, a second year mathematician and your Brass Band manager for the next year!

Having played for brass bands at home before uni, I knew it was very important for me to take a look at the university’s band – and I was far from dissapointed! The music played stretches along a vast variety, from challenging test pieces such as Lake of The Moon to quick, exciting pieces like Starburst, or the fun, well known tunes like Jurassic Park or It’s Raining Men. The band is inviting to all, regardless of past brass banding experience, and the welcoming vibe goes much further than the recital hall itself.

The band partakes in several concerts through the year, a personal highlight of mine last year was the joint concert done with Ratby Brass Band, a top band in the midlands. As well as the concerts, the band goes to YHBBA, Unibrass, and Whit Friday. All contests are highly regarded and very competitive, yet extremely fun. This mix of entertainment and hard work is what makes Friday evenings both rewarding and enjoyable.

Finally, the band is known for its social scene, as everybody is encouraged to come down to the pub with us after rehearsals, and wherever we may end up afterwards! The combination of great music, fantastic people, and brilliant memories meant for me that Brass Band was perhaps the best part of my first year at uni. I hope to see many new/returning faces, and hopefully people can feel the same about the band as I do!

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