Find out how we jam at the University of Nottingham! 🎺

Hi, I’m Ellie and I am the manager for Moonlighters big band this year, as well as a third-year music student. Playing in Moons has massively added to my experience at university in a very positive way! Here is where I have met all of my closest friends and been given the opportunity to play some amazing charts in some amazing settings.

Our ensemble differs from the rest since most of our gigs involve playing at balls for different societies. These gigs are always very rewarding as we get the crowd dancing and singing before heading to raid the chocolate fountain and having a quick boogie. As well as this, we also have gigs that are open to the public in places such as Peggy’s and Rough Trade in town, and Mooch on campus, where we can really show off our favourite charts. Last year all of our gigs had a great atmosphere and have always made the highlights of our year. One of the band’s best gigs to play at is Grad Ball as we get to be part of such a fun social event, where the tradition has grown to stay and watch the fireworks from the hotel room.

Moons is also very lucky to have the opportunity to play on Blowsoc tour, which means that we get to perform our music across Europe not just in Nottingham! Last year we went to Berlin, where we played in the mall. It was so flattering to see the crowds of people peering over the balconies watching and recording us, whilst other members of Blowsoc were dancing and singing along.

To sum up Moonlighters Big Band, it is a great group to be a part of as we always have such an amazing time whatever we do and I cannot wait to see what this year brings with it!

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