Welcome to Double Reeds 2019/20!

Hi, I’m Rose, a second year physics student and the manager of the Double Reed ensemble this year.

I played bassoon in Double Reeds last year and it was the favourite part of my week. As it is such a small ensemble everybody talks to each other so it is a really friendly environment to play in. We play a wide range of music – our ABBA medley is a group favourite, but we also play some beautiful classical pieces and last year we played some more jazzy numbers too. The ensemble plays in several concerts throughout the year, mostly on campus. Last year we had the opportunity to perform at a local primary school and tell them a bit about our instruments which was a great experience that we are looking to repeat this year.

I particularly enjoyed our socials last year, which included a Christmas meal out and laser tag playing against the clarinets (we were victorious, of course!). They were a great way to get to know everyone better outside of the rehearsals and I’m looking forward to having more this year.

I am really excited for Double Reeds this year as we have had an increase in numbers so the group is making a really good sound, also our conductor, Hannah, has arranged some great pieces for us to play. We welcome players of all abilities and would love to see as many new people at rehearsals as possible!

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