Hi there! I’m Harry. I’m a second year, who’s studying chemistry. I am also the percussion manager this year and keep an eye on the percussion instruments.

I have been playing in percussion ensemble since I joined this university, and it was always the one rehearsal I really looked forward to. We are quite a small ensemble with lots of abilities including non-music readers too. Our music style can be anything from classical pieces adapted into percussion parts, or jazz specifically composed for percussion. Generally, there will always be a concert that we are working for, however we have a relaxed atmosphere both in rehearsals and concerts. I would definitely recommend for more people to join the ensemble, since some great times are had by all. We are currently playing some tuned jazz pieces and an untuned piece.

I originally joined percussion ensemble since I had previously been in one at school and hoped to replicate the fun times I had had then. It turns out this ensemble has been better than I could have wished for.

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