🀝 Here’s another post of Blowsoc Introducing!⁠
🎸 This is Ellie Rennie, your Moonlighters Manager this year.⁠
1οΈβƒ£πŸŽ“ What do you study, and what do you play?⁠
Music, 3rd year, trumpet⁠
2οΈβƒ£πŸ˜„ What are you most excited for this year in your role?⁠
(Hopefully) getting to play at Grad Ball for my final year⁠
3οΈβƒ£πŸ’­ What is your favourite Blowsoc memory?⁠
Our tapas/flamenco night on the Barcelona tour⁠
πŸ‘€ Keep an eye out for info on the other artistic committee members over the coming weeks!

Ellie Rennie

Moonlighters Manager

Ellie plays the trumpet as a degree and also as a hobby, which works out very well. In her spare time she enjoys baking and watching repeat episodes of trash tv to procrastinate from uni work (but not from moonlighters managerial work of course).

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