ℹ️ About Blowsoc

Current and past members of Blowsoc at Blowsoc’s 25th anniversary.

Established in 1992, we are a music society for people who play Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Double Bass, and Big Band Jazz. We are avid about getting people involved and playing music, so it really doesn’t matter if you last played clarinet in primary school or you have your diploma on trumpet — you are always welcome and will be able to find an ensemble suitable for you! And we, of course, welcome students who are not Music students. In fact, three of our executive committee are Mathematicians.

🎼 Ensembles

We are home to 9 ensembles; 7 of which are unauditioned. As musicians ourselves, we fully understand that you will love biscuits. And that is exactly why we provide biscuits to every rehearsal!

🎼 Unauditioned Ensembles

These are ensembles where you can pay your membership and then turn up rehearsals without an audition.

🎼 Auditioned Ensembles

These are ensembles where you can pay your membership and then attend our ensemble auditions, usually held in Welcome Week.

🎭 Concerts and Performances

We have many concerts that we put on throughout the year.

🥪 Lunchtime Concerts

The most frequent are our Lunchtime Concerts (nearly) every Monday and Friday from 13:15 to 14:00 in the Djanogly Recital Hall. You can find out more here.

🙌 Blowsoc Outreach Program

Our smaller ensembles, as well as being involved in Lunchtime Concerts and charity concerts throughout the year, are also part of the Blowsoc Outreach Program. This is where these ensembles will play in a school or a care home. Please get in touch if you are a local school or care home and would like to have us play to you!

We absolutely loved your visit and I received lots of positive feedback from teachers along the lines of “it was so good for all of the children to hear live music as they rarely get the opportunity to” and “some of the children’s faces were amazing, they were so engaged”. Staff were also impressed with how you spoke about the instruments and the QA session at the end. The feedback from the children themselves was also very positive and we’ve had several KS2 children saying how they are going to ask for instruments for Christmas.

Saxophones visiting Glapton Academy

🏆 Competitions

Our Brass Band are very active, taking part in various contents such as UniBrass and other national events such as Whit Friday. With professional conductor, George Morton, our Wind Orchestra are also very active, having recently taken part in the 2019 NCBF Finals and won a Platinum award.

We also run some of our own competitions. Check out our Wind Orchestra Arranging Competition that’s currently running!

👗 Ball Hire

Moonlighters Big Band are often hired for music at society balls in and around Nottingham. Please get in touch if you would like to hire Moons.

📏 Conducting

One of our students, Pete, conducting ‘Tourchestra’ in Berlin 2019.

All of our ensembles are entirely ran by students, and all ensembles (besides Wind Orchestra) are conducted by students too! We have conducting workshops throughout the year to teach those new to conducting, as well as more advanced workshops for those that know a little more about waving their arms about. We also provide auditioned opportunities for conducting ensembles such as Wind Orchestra as a assistant conductor and the University Philharmonic Orchestra.

👪 The Committee

We have a two-tier committee system: executive and artistic.

🧙 Executive Committee

Our executive committee help with the overall running of the society, as well as larger concerts and socials throughout the year such as the Christmas Concert and Summer Ball.

Matt Smith


Matt is a third year maths student but it's safe to say he spends most of his time at university in the music department! His first instrument is the trumpet and is excited to be the President of the society this year.

Hannah Kemp


Hannah plays the Oboe but likes to dabble with other woodwind instruments too. When not playing music she is being a Geographer; climbing mountains, wading in lakes and collecting algae!

Ollie Cowling

General Secretary, Concert Band Conductor, and Saxophones Conductor

Ollie is a second year music student who plays trumpet and piano. He can always be found in the department, mainly pretending to practice! If you have any questions about our LTC programme feel free to contact him!

Jed Roylance

Social Secretary, and Moonlighters Musical Director

Jed is a 3rd year music technology student, playing trombone in a lot of the ensembles. A friendly face who enjoys spitting biscuit crumbs down his instrument. Feel free to message me about socials or anything brass related!

Oli Moring

Tour Manager

Oli is a mathematics student who can also play the trumpet and organise a pretty-darn-good tour to Belgium.

Maddy Teshola


Maddy is a biologist who also happens to be pretty good at the euphonium and keeping track of money.

Adam Blakey

Publicity and Marketing Officer

Adam's first instrument is clarinet. In his spare time he does publicity things and perhaps other things too. He occasionally goes outside, but not often.

Catherine Dennison

Ensembles Coordinator

Catherine is a third year music student who plays flute. In her spare time she likes to play the piano and take part in many different music ensembles.

🧚 Artistic Committee

These guys are the people you may see more of day-to-day. They run the individual ensembles, complete with concert-organising, conducting, and biscuit-getting.

Matthew Hollingworth

Brass Band Manager

Matthew is a second year Mathematics student who plays the Bass Trombone. Habitually at the pub every week after band, and always open for messages for any questions whatsoever.

Matt Wilkins

Brass Band Assistant Manager

Matt is a 4th Chemistry student and plays Bb bass in brass band and also in the Ratby band outside of the University. Over his years at Nottingham he has played in every ensemble available to him but brass band has always been his favourite!

Eli Haines

Brass Band Conductor

Eli is an enthusiastic brass bander, and more recently an enthusiastic brass band conductor making his debut at the Blowsoc Berlin 2019 Tour.

John Grealey

Brass Band Conductor

John is a third year mathematician whose first instrument is tuba but also dabbles in the viola. In his spare time he is often found at the pub or watching the football, and on occasionally goes hiking.

Lucy Baker

Clarinets Manager

Lucy is a second year Natural Sciences student and her first instrument is the clarinet. When not buying biscuits for the clarinet ensemble, she is usually trying to decide what science subject she should actually concentrate on for her degree.

Richard Shaw

Clarinets Conductor

Richard is primarily a clarinetist however outside of that he is a second year maths student. Currently, he is attempting to learn percussion and piano with varying degrees of success.

Rebecca Craven

Concert Band Manager

Becca is attempting to be a third year music student and likes to procrastinate by taking part in different ensembles within the society. She has a love of biscuits which makes her a handy concert band manager.

Kyle Campbell

Concert Band Conductor, and Wind Orchestra Assistant Conductor

Kyle is a third year music student who plays both clarinet and saxophone, being an active member of the society, partaking in many ensembles and socials in the past two years. He is looking forward to conducting the two largest ensembles of the society.

Rose Shepherd

Double Reeds Manager

Rose is a second year physics student who plays bassoon in double reeds. She also plays clarinet and saxophone in other Blowsoc ensembles. She is looking forward to sourcing the biscuits for this year’s rehearsals.

Hannah Heilbuth

Double Reeds Conductor

Hannah's first instrument is the Oboe although she also plays cor anglais and sings as a choral scholar in the Saint Peter's Church Choir. When she's not playing music, she's sleeping and supposedly working on her legal studies for her law degree.

Isobel Westbury

Flutes Manager

Isobel is a third year History and American Studies student. She'd like to think she's organised, but this has never really been tested so we'll see how this year goes.

Bart Scattergood

Flutes Conductor

Bart is a 4th year maths student who plays the flute and piccolo. He likes board games, murder mysteries and supposedly also likes maths.

Jasmine Newton-Rae

Flutes Conductor

Jasmine is a second year Classicist. Her first instrument is the flute, although she also sometimes attempts the piccolo which results in deafening anyone within hearing range. In her spare time she can be found hiding in a museum.

Ellie Rennie

Moonlighters Manager

Ellie plays the trumpet as a degree and also as a hobby, which works out very well. In her spare time she enjoys baking and watching repeat episodes of trash tv to procrastinate from uni work (but not from moonlighters managerial work of course).

Jed Roylance

Social Secretary, and Moonlighters Musical Director

Jed is a 3rd year music technology student, playing trombone in a lot of the ensembles. A friendly face who enjoys spitting biscuit crumbs down his instrument. Feel free to message me about socials or anything brass related!

Harry Jackson

Percussion Manager

Harry’s first instrument is percussion. In his spare time he studies Chemistry.

Beth Taylor

Saxophones Manager

Beth studies Natural Sciences and loves playing saxophone with Blowsoc. She is really looking forward to this year and is always keen to help.

Hannah Treacher

Saxophones Conductor, and Wind Orchestra Personnel Manager

Hannah is a second year music student who's been living, sleeping and breathing all things saxophone for nine years now. You will usually find her in the music department eating, rehearsing or pretending to work.

Amber Frost

Wind Orchestra Concerts Manager

My first instrument is cello, when I came to uni I gravitated towards Percussion in concert band because I always thought Percussionists were super cool, so now I guess I'm a Percussionist, making me super cool 😎 I'm also the president of Mussoc!!!