Competition brief from our wind orchestra conductor George Morton:


To orchestrate an excerpt of Richard Strauss’s Wind Serenade op.7 for full Wind Orchestral forces (see below).  The winning entry will be asked to orchestrate/arrange the whole work.  


Attached at the bottom of the page.  It’s a brief extract from the Serenade and I’m looking for creative orchestration that is idiomatic for wind orchestra instruments.  For the entries I’m not expecting use of every available instrument, but a demonstration of an excellent work knowledge of wind, brass and percussion instruments, chord voicing, doubling etc. 

Instrumentation available

Flute 1.2

Oboe 1.2

Cor Anglais

Clarinet in E-flat

Clarinet in B-flat 1.2.3

Bass Clarinet in B-flat

Bassoon 1.2

Alto Sax 1.2

Tenor Sax

Baritone Sax


Trumpet 1.2.3

Trombone 1.2.3


Tuba 1.2

Percussion (timpani + standard orchestral definite and indefinite pitch)


Please submit both a PDF and a Sibelius/Music XML file of your arrangement to [email protected]. The panel will be also be looking for a fundamental knowledge of music engraving and score layout. Submissions will be anonymised before judging.

Good luck! Entry deadline: 25th November 2019