đŸĨĒ Lunchtime Concerts

📅 Upcoming Lunchtime Concerts

Joint with Mussoc, we put on Lunchtime Concerts every Monday and Friday 13:15–14:00 for anyone to come to, free of charge! We use this opportunity as a society to raise money for various charities throughout the year.

đŸŽĩ Ensemble-Specific Concerts

đŸŽĩ Wind Orchestra

With professional conductor, George Morton, come along to hear some of the amazing sounds from our auditioned wind orchestra.

🎸 Moonlighters Big Band

The university-renowned big band have played at many SU events over the years, as well as playing some of their own gigs that you can come along to.

đŸŽē Brass Band

As well as various contests throughout the year, Brass Band also put on some pretty spectacular concerts.

🍸 Socials