🤔 What It Is

The Blowsoc Outreach Program is a project created to engage with the local community using our music. While it is of course part of what we aim for, our music isn’t just about performing to the highest standard in the nicest possible venue with the biggest audience; we are also very keen about sharing our passion and love of music within the community and aiming to improve the well-being of others and brighten people’s day. We are setting ourselves the challenge of doing at least five community outreach projects a semester.

We plan on achieving this through performances in local care homes and community centres, doing some busking around town and visiting schools, as well as inviting school pupils to our free Lunchtime Concerts.

In the past we have visited lots of places in the local area, including:

📣 What do People Say?

Saxophones visited Glapton Academy in November 2019 and one of the organising teachers said:

We absolutely loved your visit and I received lots of positive feedback from teachers along the lines of “it was so good for all of the children to hear live music as they rarely get the opportunity to” and “some of the children’s faces were amazing, they were so engaged”. Staff were also impressed with how you spoke about the instruments and the QA session at the end. The feedback from the children themselves was also very positive and we’ve had several KS2 children saying how they are going to ask for instruments for Christmas. I overheard lots of my class going out and telling their parents about the assembly too, which is all positive! There will hopefully be more feedback from the children heading your way soon!

Personally, I’d like to say thank you for a lovely experience and for taking the time to come and visit our school! We would love to have you and other Blowsoc ensembles back in the future. I am really keen to try and make visits such as this a regular thing for the children as it is so important for their wider development. If possible I’d love to arrange another visit from a different ensemble in the Spring term (although I understand that there are lots of other schools to visit)!

Saxophones on their recent visit to Glapton Academy

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿 How Do I Get Involved?

We would be more than interested to come and visit your school/care home/something else and do a performance. Please drop us a message either by our contact us page, or by dropping our ensembles coordinator an email on [email protected].

And you’re also more than welcome to come and join us at one of our Lunchtime Concerts! Let us know in advance and we should be able to get an area of seating reserved for you, as well as the chance to come and chat to some of the fantastic musicians that put on the performance.