🎺 Brass Band

Brass Band is one of Blowsoc’s larger unauditioned ensembles which includes players of all abilities. The band is based on being a traditional Brass Band- but trumpets and French Horns are allowed. They play an assortment of music from traditional brass band pieces, to arrangements of film music and TV themes. Every year the ensemble takes part in a range of concerts, and one of the ensembles favourite events is carolling in the Christmas period. The ensemble also takes part in a range of contests throughout the academic year where they frequently have impressive results. Brass is a very friendly group that has regular socials and meet ups, including after rehearsal drinks and food in Mooch! Please don’t be shy, come along and get involved in this great ensemble whatever standard you may be.

Brass Band at UniBrass
Brass Band at UniBrass
Welcome to Brass Band 2019/20!
Welcome to Brass Band 2019/20!

🎡 Clarinets

Clarinets is one of Blowsoc’s unauditioned ensembles which welcomes any clarinettist to come along. The weekly rehearsals enable players the opportunity to try out the Bass Clarinet or Eb clarinet as well as improving their skills on their own clarinet. The repertoire includes a great mix of classical, jazz and film music and they are always welcome to trying out pieces that students have composed themselves. They play in a range of concerts throughout the year and last year they frequently took part in the Blowsoc Outreach programme by playing at local schools and busking in the city. At the end of the year they elect the new committee which includes a manager and conductors. They are a very friendly and approachable group of people who would love some new players. They play, laugh and enjoy some biscuits too!

🎡 Concert Band

Concert Band is Blowsoc’s largest unauditioned ensemble. The incentive is to give all woodwind, brass and percussion players of any ability the chance to play some exciting music, meet new people and participate in some fantastic concerts. We welcome all players to come and join whether they have just picked up the saxophone or have a clarinet diploma. Concert Band has weekly rehearsals where they tackle a diverse programme from The Greatest Showman to American Barn dance and more traditional concert band repertoire. It gives people the chance to have some great fun playing recognisable tunes or learning new ones. Every christmas concert band does a joint concert with the Wind Orchestra and other small ensembles to make a giant ensemble, this is always a great end to the Blowsoc Christmas Extravaganza. Last year, Concert band did a joint concert with the University of Birmingham’s Wind Band, this was a fantastic collaboration and something we wish to do again in the future. Concert Band is completely student run and each year everyone has the opportunity to run for manager or audition for conductor. The ensemble was created in 2014, and this year we will be celebrating its 6-year anniversary! So if you would like to meet lots of musicians, please turn up to rehearsals.

🎡 Double Reeds

The Double Reeds ensemble is an unauditioned group which enables oboists and bassoons to play together. Rehearsals are great fun, learning new repertoire to be performed in our concerts. We play a mix of music from standard classical repertoire such as Handel to arrangements of our favourite films and TV themes. We also enjoy playing arrangements which include the Cor Anglais. We regularly have socials outside of rehearsal times, including our Christmas meal last year which gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better. We hope to see some new players in September!

🎡 Flutes

Last year Flutes became one of the largest unauditioned ensembles. We welcome anyone to come along and play regardless of their standard as you have the opportunity to improve as a flautist. Those involved in the ensemble will have the chance to try out playing the piccolo, alto flute or bass flutes. Each year we tackle a wide variety of repertoire from film tunes to more classical flute choir pieces. We also try out repertoire that fellow musicians have written themselves! We are always looking for new members so if you play the flute why not come along to our fun and friendly rehearsals!

πŸ₯ Percussion

The percussion ensemble is Blowsoc’s newest unauditioned ensemble, which started in September 2016. The ensemble has the opportunity to play any percussion instrument that can get their hands on within the department- including a range of unpitched and pitched instruments. Sometimes we even play music for obscure instruments too! We play a great variety of pieces throughout the year, including pieces that students have written themselves. This ensemble is a great opportunity for any musician to take part in, particularly if you have a key interest in rhythm!

Welcome to Percussion 2019/20
Welcome to Percussion 2019/20

🎷 Saxophones

Saxophones is one of our unauditioned ensembles which offers the chance to play some varied repertoire for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. The ensemble tackles jazz standards, classical pieces and arrangements of well-known film and show tunes. The weekly rehearsals are great fun and offer the chance for people to try out new techniques and improve their ensemble playing skills. The saxophone ensemble takes part in our outreach programmes in the local community, as the ensemble has been quite a hit with the local schools. Whether you are a newcomer or and advanced player Saxophones is always looking for new players, so why not come along?