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Last year Flutes became one of the largest unauditioned ensembles. We welcome anyone to come along and play regardless of their standard as you have the opportunity to improve as a flautist. Those involved in the ensemble will have the chance to try out playing the piccolo, alto flute or bass flutes. Each year we tackle a wide variety of repertoire from film tunes to more classical flute choir pieces. We also try out repertoire that fellow musicians have written themselves! We are always looking for new members so if you play the flute why not come along to our fun and friendly rehearsals!

πŸ‘ͺ The Committee

Isobel Westbury

Flutes Manager

Isobel is a third year History and American Studies student. She'd like to think she's organised, but this has never really been tested so we'll see how this year goes.

Bart Scattergood

Flutes Conductor

Bart is a 4th year maths student who plays the flute and piccolo. He likes board games, murder mysteries and supposedly also likes maths.

Jasmine Newton-Rae

Flutes Conductor

Jasmine is a second year Classicist. Her first instrument is the flute, although she also sometimes attempts the piccolo which results in deafening anyone within hearing range. In her spare time she can be found hiding in a museum.

πŸ“… Rehearsals

Wednesdays, 16:30–17:40 in Rehearsal Hall.

🎭 Upcoming Concerts

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Hi there! I’m Bartholomew Scattergood and I’m one of the two flute conductors this year. I’m a 4th year maths student and I’ve been in flute group since my first year. I’ve been playing the flute sin…

Welcome to Flutes 2019/20!
Welcome to Flutes 2019/20!

Welcome to Flutes 2019/20! Hi, I’m Isobel, a third year History and American Studies student and the manager of the Flute Ensemble for 2019/20.  I have been playing the flute with Blowso…

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